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Name:Jiro "Roji" Kusano
Birthdate:Sep 29

Name: Jiro "Roji" Kusano
Series: Muhyo & Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation
Timeline: post-volume 15
Age: 20 (unofficial)
Birthday: September 29

Roji is a kindhearted yet emotional young man who works for the Muhyo Bureau of Supernatural Investigation. He and his boss/partner Muhyo help those who are troubled by spirits by hunting down and sentencing them to heaven or hell based on their crimes. While Muhyo does the actual sentencing, Roji provides support, such as using his wards to hold the ghost off while Muhyo sentences. However, Roji is actually terrified of ghosts, so his usefulness often fluctuates when things get heated. And despite his knowledge of ghosts, he has little knowledge of magic law itself.

Roji often struggles with his confidence in pulling his own weight when it comes to fighting enemies, helping people, and overall wishes to prove his worth to Muhyo some day. However, he is usually very cheerful and enthusiastic, especially about his job. He is easily trusting and believes that anyone who has strayed off the path of good can be saved. He has a knack for cooking, science and mathematics.

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